What is reshoring?

With now twenty-five leading industrial engineering associations including GTMA and Invest NI currently behind the new Reshoring UK initiative, it’s certainly a time, more than ever to reconsider your supply chain options.

Reshoring involves a business returning production operations to the UK (host country) that had previously been moved to a different international location (offshoring).

How can reshoring be beneficial?

There is an intrinsic value attached to making things here in the UK, not least being the opportunities to innovate and work closely with local skilled manufacturing workforce.

With 16 dedicated sites within the Pexion Group, across two divisions (Electronics and Fabrication  and Precision Engineering) we are ready to support your manufacturing needs. Our experience and flexibility enables us to support your business with a vast array of capabilities, from electronic design and manufacturing to sheet metal fabrication and precision engineering.

Whilst the extent of reshoring is nowhere near as significant as offshoring has been in recent decades, there have been an increasing number of businesses who have decided to move production back to the UK. These reasons include:

  • Greater certainty around delivery times including shorter delivery times
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Minimising risk of supply chain disruptions
  • Reducing the complexity of the supply chain
  • The ease of collaborate and innovation with local suppliers
  • Getting greater certainty about the quality of components
  • Recognition that the cost advantage of offshoring is not as significant as it used to be.
  • To safeguarding the future security of the UK manufacturing supply chain

For further information about our capabilities here in the UK, please get in touch.