7 August 2020


Pexion are pleased to announce multi-million-pound contract with The Engineering Technologies Group (ETG).  The new contract with ETG will enable Pexion to consolidate the service, support and maintenance of its manufacturing facilities whilst providing ETG with the opportunity to implement technology, productivity and automation advancements throughout the Group of companies.

In the first stage of the agreement, Pexion will take delivery of six machine tools, beginning with an initial delivery of a Quaser MV184E at Drury’s Engineering Limited. This new machine will assist in increasing the machinery capabilities of plastics and acrylics.

Commenting upon the new contract, Group Managing Director at the Engineering Technology Group, Mr Martin Doyle says: “This deal is the result of a long-established relationship with the Pexion Group and the new deal will see ETG provide an ongoing long-term ‘complete care package’ where we will be analysing businesses within the Group to support and implement change. The core aim will be to create greater business synergies between Pexion Group members whilst upskilling staff and introducing new technologies to drive growth, capacity, automation and diversification, as the Group continues its phenomenal success story.”

Providing his viewpoint on the contract, Chief Commercial Officer at the Pexion Group, Mr Darren Turner says : “This new contract provides the Pexion group of engineering companies with a long term investment, with an initial focus on optimising our productivity and overall capabilities as a group.  What we offer at Pexion is unique to the industry and this investment will not only aid our growth and future plans but continue to improve and streamline our production to meet our increasing customer demand”.

For further information, please get in touch.


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