HSE and Covid-19 risk management on the go

For learning, sharing and acting in real time..

Safety breaches don’t just risk financial damages, they can also cause serious injury or death for those working on manufacturing sites up and down the country. As a Group we are continuously striving to develop our teams and include and educate every single employee on the importance of safety in the workplace.

In order to make safety a central company value that’s observed consistently, we needed more than just rules, equipment, and training (although those are essential). We also needed to make sure safety messages are simple and emotional, and that there’s a robust accountability system in place to reinforce them. 

The development of our apps

The development of the HSE Monthly Inspection and weekly Covid-19 app by our in-house IT team, has simplified the processes for inspections and has recently received excellent feedback from HSE Executives for HSE good practice. 

The implementation of the apps now allow us to:

1. Capture issues in real time

Reporting incidents is now easily carried out. Previously, incidents may have been postponed and details could be easily forgotten when they’d not been reported in real time.

2. Capture faster and more frequently 

Enabling quicker feedback and action handling.

task board
HSE app

3. Allows use of mobile / devices online / offline to capture incidents

This becomes a field tool for easy documentation of HSE observations, risk incident reports – anytime, anywhere.


4. Provides immediate access to reports and group dashboard

Dashboards bring together data from across the group to provide a view of the whole group. 

hse dashboard

Efficiency for all…

This makes HSE reporting so much easier and simpler to carry out for all of our employees. Issues are verified and categorised by HSE trained executives which allows the issue to be captured as a task through Zoho connect, showing the risk level, task owner, status and date the task requires completing.


Inspections completed and tasks outstanding can be reviewed by business, division and group level with real time status through Zoho analytics.

Dashboards have also been developed which allows us to view performance and trends. Each app enables us to visualise HSE status and HSE reporting review, as well as highlighting days since last inspection and visual display of non conformance.

These flexible solutions have simplified and improved accident reporting across our organisation, ultimately saving time, and money.

If you have specific requirements or needs, please reach out

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