How our working life has changed at Pexion

Over the last year as a nation we have witnessed significant changes in the workplace and Pexion is no different to anyone else. With the initial national lockdown we had to amend the way we worked and take the positive benefits to support our staff throughout the Group.

One of the key changes we had to make, was a shift to allow people to work at home effectively.  This was a challenge which affected a lot of our office-based staff and our IT team stood up to the challenge!

We were lucky to be ahead of the game as we had already invested our time in moving onto to the online project management tool Zoho.  This was a tool, which allowed the teams to communicate online, store and share documents easily, as well as manage some of our core processes effectively. Zoho became the hub to keep our business moving forward. 

“The Pexion Group’s digital communication and information strategy provides for people and processes to connect anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Coping with Covid has accelerated adoption and created a more agile and effective workplace.”

Reg Horman
Group IT & Systems Director 

What are the benefits of working from home for our staff?

Fast forwarding through the lockdown and heading towards the end of 2020, we have seen some significant improvements working from home has brought to the company, including:

1. IT

Technology has made business portable. No matter where our work force is, they can set up an office with ease.

2. Increased Productivity

With little or no distractions, i.e. no one to pester you with questions or drag you into meetings, it means our staff have spent their time more efficiency. More is completed is a shorter space of time. 

increased productivity at pexion

3. No Commuting

No more commuting equals less emission in the air, with extra savings on time and money for both our staff and the business.


4. Extra Communication

Communication is key to the success of working from home and the online element has forced people to keep in regular contact with the core members of the team.

working from home communication
collaboration working from home

5. Collaboration

With a more effective workforce and regular communication has meant better collaboration between teams. Time is more effective and focused. 

6. Video Conferencing

Communication is key to the success of working from home and the online element has forced people to keep in regular contact with the core members of the team.

time working from home

7. Time

A major added benefit for everyone has been the extra home time people have with no commute, flexibility on hours and increased productivity. A win, win for all.

What’s next?

As a manufacturing company we found ways to continue to support industry, while supporting our staff to stay safe in an unknown and unprecedented climate. Our staff, partners and suppliers all underpin our success, and as we enter 2021 we will continue to develop our IT, networks and collaboration tools to ensure we continue to reap the benefits we have witnessed so far.

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