The professional 3D-Printing landscape has just been changed. The introduction of the new 3D Systems ProJet MJP2500 multi-jet plastic printing machine from HK3D is a paradigm shift in technology for the 3D print industry.

With price point in the region of around £25,000, HK3D’s Managing Director, Mr Steven Wilcox is adamant that this new machine is set to change the industry, saying: “This machine is a real game-changer. The technology in this new 3D Systems machine is streets ahead of the competition and it has clearly set the benchmark for others to follow.” So, what is it that is getting HK3D’s MD waxing lyrical about the latest 3D Systems machine….

Designed for the industrial professional, the ProJet MJP2500 delivers design verification for the end user that is beyond compare. This is credit to the unparalleled precision and the isotropic structure of the printed parts that gives customers the confidence to print parts that will interlink into assemblies and structures. This verification enables customers to confidently take their designs into to full production.

For design and manufacturing engineers alike, the ProJet MJP2500 ticks all the boxes. It can precisely print within injection mould tolerances whilst the isotropic XYZ values provide the strength to print thin-walled parts that can be used in practical everyday applications. Additionally, the new machine offers enhanced design detail, a good selection of materials that can be printed at speed; with fast and simple post processing and intuitive new software that is easy to learn. This new 3D-Sprint software is a brand new development from 3D Systems that has been integrated into this latest machine.

At present, users of 3D printing machines may require an expensive third party CAD system to FIX any files prior to printing. However, the new 3D-Sprint software enables users to fix and edit files prior to printing. The intuitive software also has features for splitting parts, adding colour, texture and engraving to name just a few features. The 3D-Sprint software also has a facility for machines to be networked whereby the end-user can select the printer of choice via the software. This remarkable new software suite also allows customers to stack and print multiple STL files. The user friendly and intuitive new 3D-Sprint software has been developed by R&D engineers at 3D Systems to create maximum functionality and ease of use.

From an ease-of-use and productivity perspective, the new ProJet MJP2500 incorporates the latest MJP EasyClean System. This system is a simple way to remove supports from MJP parts in a matter of minutes. The new technique uses warming units that use steam to melt wax supports without manual handling and without damaging your printed parts. Commenting on the new EasyClean System, Mr Wilcox says: “This is a major benefit over competitor machines. The EasyClean System is almost 85% faster than oven cleaning systems and it’s hands-free, so no labour intensive cleaning, leaving your designers to do what they do best. The EasyClean and the 3D-Sprint software are two major selling points on this machine and customers have been astounded by the benefits of the MJP2500. Not only is the MJP2500 more precise, consistent, capable, user friendly and flexible than anything else on the market; it’s also more cost effective to operate. This is because the MJP2500 employs proprietary thermally-controlled materials. This generates superior part definition whilst being a factor in reducing waste material by over 30%.”

As a premium reseller of 3D printers and additive manufacturing products from 3D Systems, HK3D offers the full line of 3D printers, materials, perceptual devices and design tools as part of its integrated 3D print offering. If you would like to arrange a demonstration of the new ProJet MJP2500 from HK3D Solutions, please visit for more details.